Big Arrows Architectural & Glazing Facade Design will take your project from design to the construction stage. This includes providing fabrication drawings, a materials schedule and O&M.

We work in partnership with Structural, Thermal and Acoustic engineers to ensure your project meets the correct standards.

We will coordinate all work with your fabricators during production and material procurement, and fitters/ installers during site construction stage.

Our focus on quality and delivery time during the design and construction phase sets us apart.

window, door and façade systems

System suppliers

Schuco System
Comar Architectural System
Boon Edam Doors


We specialise in all types of facade systems using well-known aluminium systems suppliers such as Schuco, Reynaers, Kawneer, Aluprof and Comar.

Our projects range from small office blocks to multi-complex buildings. Our in-depth knowledge and professionalism enable us to add significant value to every project we work on.

We always endeavour to bring workable, cost-saving solutions to every project. Because of this and our high-quality work, we have developed exceptional working relationships with many architectural firms across the country.

Based on our reputation for quick turnarounds, quality and value for money, firms routinely engage with us early in the design process.

Our designers are highly skilled specialists who produce a wide range of detailed drawing specifications to meet your needs.

This includes working with other parties on detailed elevation and section drawings to enable all design elements to fit together on site.

Shopfronts, Doors and Windows.

By working exclusively with doors and windows companies, we can integrate the correct and up-to-date profiles of their products in our drawings.

Our designs also cover a wide range of administration and commercial entrance doors which include: fire, swing, sliding, bi-fold and revolving doors. We work  with companies such as Boon Edam for revolving doors, Wrightstyle for fire doors, Tormax for sliding doors and Geze for swing doors.


The last elements of a drawing package are the manufacturing and fabrication drawings. These are the drawings for items that require pre-manufacture before assembly on site.  The drawings we supply include item by item scheduling accompanied by location drawings.

Manufacturing Drawings also known as Production Drawings or Working Drawings and include all the information required for production. No questions should be left unanswered within these, and they should be in a format that is easily read and understood by manufactures and fitters.

Bim modelling

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architectural, building and engineering professionals the tools to plan, design, construct and manage projects. It requires “an information exchange process which is specific to that project and coordinated between various systems and project participants.”

We use BIM Levels 1 & 2 to:

1.  Agree roles and responsibilities.
2. Agree naming conventions.
3. Create and maintain the project specific codes and project spatial co-ordination.
4. Create a common data environment to allow information to be shared between all members of the project team.
5. Agree a suitable information hierarchy which supports the concepts of the CDE and the document repository.
6. Agree to use CAD software that is capable of being exported to one of the common file formats such as IFC or COBie.